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Therapute is focused on creating an all in one user experience to help individuals navigate through 5+ categories of support and mental health providers, send and receive session requests, manage calendar and payments, within one app.

Manage your practice in one place.

Insurance can cause unwanted headaches; most professionals are wearing way too many hats that add up in monthly subscription costs to their private practice, and finding clientele is more difficult than ever. With Therapute, professionals across all 50 states and territories can now manage their private practice and clientele (especially virtual) all in one place, without the many roadblocks. Clients can easily send and receive session requests, a professional can now manage their calendar with ease, along with payments all in one place.

Do What You Do Best,
Helping Others.

Offering Over 5+ Categories of Services

We are working with more than just therapists. Our goal is to create an all in one platform for:

1. Therapists (From Talk Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Plant Therapy, and so much more!)

2. Life Coaches

3. Psychiatry

4. Career Coaches and Mentors

5. Holistic Counseling, AA Sponsors, Addiction Counseling, Eating Disorder Mentors, and additional specialty care professionals.

Join A Network Of Professionals Determined To Inspired The Curious and Save Lives.

We are seeking professionals who want to give back to their communities, help those suffering, and truly make an impact and save lives.

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