The story of how we got started

The story of becoming The Inspired Company and launching Therapute.

January 2012

January 2012, Our founder and CEO lost her close friend to Suicide. This led her on a journey of re-discovery and coping a severe loss.

Losing a close friend to suicide in January 2012, Maggie Rose struggled to cope, which eventually led her to a long search for a professional. After finding a therapist and sharing her situation, he explained that he was $150/session and would like to see her every week. She left upset, until she received a call from him saying he would accept $10/session.

This allowed her to receive the help she needed by a professional therapist, find her way back to school to study Psychology. It was here that a social media movement was created to offer a safe place for young people to share their stories and speak their truth. Their truth was heartbreaking, which led Maggie Rose to build her first team of young people and dive into research of how they can provide a solution, rather than simply speaking on it.

May 2017

REBORN Mental Health was founded.

In May of 2017, what would become Reborn Mental Health (RMH) was founded. RMH was a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization located in New Jersey that focused on creating events and safe spaces for young people in need, programs for schools that would teach peer counseling and crisis management skills, and community based opportunities to access therapy and life coaching at $10/session for those in need.

August 2020

The Covid Pivot: The Inspired Company was formed.

With the impact of COVID, there was a need more than ever before for those suffering from their own mental health or mental illness. RMH had worked tirelessly to extend their efforts to those in need but lacked the resources to truly impact those suffering on a national scale. This led the RMH team to close the non-profit, and bringing along their experience in community leadership- they founded The Inspired Company, a certified B-Corp that is dedicated to impacting the lives of those suffering on a national scale through technology, a monthly publication, and film.

This Pivot allowed the group to take the in person program that offered services at $10/session and put more than 5 categories of services on a mobile application that would make mental health support accessible and affordable.


Today, The Inspired Company is proud to offer one contribution to "the solution" through an app called Therapute. Therapute is a modern alternative to mental health support, offering over 5+ categories of mental health services along with an all in one management platform that allows the user and provider to send and receive session requests while also managing their calendar and payment in one place. Working with a mental health provider has never been easier.

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