Begin Your Mental Health Journey—in minutes.

With the launch of Therapute, users can take control over their wellbeing without having to search through different websites, make several calls, or hit any further roadblocks in their mental health journey. Therapute provides an opportunity for users and professionals to skip the hassle of insurance and reach clients on a national scale, without all the difficulty.

Search through 5+ Categories of Professionals

With over 5+ categories of mental health support from (1) Counseling, (2) Life Coaching, (3) Mentorship (4) Health and Wellness, (5) Recovery, and more!

Send and Receive Session Requests

With the touch of a button, send a session request to a professional you'd like to meet with and begin working with them.

Manage your Calendar and Payment in One Place

There is no need to manage your calendar and payments on different platforms. Instead, manage your upcoming sessions and payment between you and your professional in one place within Therapute.

Find the Right Fit

From Anywhere

A Simple Approach

Finding the right fit is never "easy," Therapute was built to make finding the right support roadblock-free.

Apply For a Discounted or Free Account

Directly through Therapute, you can access special opportunities such as a discounted or free account through our Hardship Application.

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A Simple Approach to Finding the Right Fit

Therapute makes finding a professional and support with just a few simple clicks. The decision to send a session request is up to you!

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