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Therapute allows you to access more than five categories of mental health professionals across all 50 states and territories, send session requests, while also managing your calendar and payments all in one place.



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Experience your journey, one session at a time.

Therapute is focused on creating an all in one user experience to help college students navigate through 5+ categories of support and mental health professionals, send and receive session requests, manage calendar and payments, within one app.

Find Professionals Across 5+ Categories with Ease

From counseling, life coaching, health and wellness, mentorship, recovery coaching, and more, we offer you the largest variety of mental health services at your fingertips.

Effortless integration to manage your calendar and payments in one place.

Utilizing our calendar, session request, and payment features have made the "in between" of seeking professional help easier then ever before.

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Get access to special offers through our partners and sponsors

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HIPPA Compliant and Data Protected to ensure safety and privacy

Our Subscriptions are made for you.

Our subscriptions are made to offer you MORE value for an affordable monthly cost.


Student Subscription

Students can now have access to more than five categories of services, calendar and payment management, along with session requesting, special offers from our partners, and first access to the newest upgrades for only $4.99 per month (equivalent to below 17 cents per day!)


General Subscription

General users can now have access to more than five categories of services, calendar and payment management, along with session requesting, special offers from our partners, and so much more for only $9.99/month (or less than 34 cents per day!)


Flat Rate for Providers

With NO hidden fees and NO commission, we only charge you $48/month to completely operate your private practice on one platform. This is equivalent to $12 per week! Manage in person and virtual clients with ease, manage your calendar and payments, and reach those in need of your services more than ever before!


Accounts Available

Many of us are struggling, and thats okay. We want to extend a helping hand to get you access to the services you may need. Apply for a hardship account through our app and receive a discounted or free account for your first three months!

Send & Manage Session Requests with Ease

Within seconds you can send and manage your session requests.

Session Requesting

Requesting in-person, phone, and virtual sessions with ease. With specific integrations that are HIPPA-Compliant, we designed a seamless approach to session requesting.

Calendar Management

No need for multiple calendars to keep track of of your mental health journey. With this all-in-one platform, we make calendar management headache-free.

Our Team

Maggie Rose
CEO @ Therapute

After losing a close friend to suicide, my passion for helping those in need began and I embarked on a lifelong mission towards mental health awareness.

Isabel Roppolo
Chief of Staff @ Therapute

Making a difference, spearheading a movement, and being in a safe and caring environment like Therapute, I remain dedicated to helping those through the work I do.

Jake Ciccarelli
Public Relations @ Therapute

Working at Therapute allows me to gain experience with opportunities to grow in the mental health industry while being able to advocate alongside influencers to help those in need.

Vinny Pulumbo
Marketing @ Therapute

After graduating with my bachelor's in Marketing and Management in 2020, I found my passion for helping those in need at Therapute. I enjoy working here because we really care about our clients and improving their wellbeing.

Stephanie Galvez
Marketing @ Therapute

Being a part of Therapute has been such a rewarding opportunity for me. It has allowed me to follow my path towards aiding people and be a part of making a difference. It is amazing to be a part of a company that really strives to help the well-being of others and help de-stigmatize mental health.

Will Corr  
Advertising @ Therapute

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Sokaina Williams
Human Resources @ Company

Hi, I'm Sokaina! I joined the Therapute team because I fell in love with the mission. I'm an advocate for mental health and want to do my part in reducing the stigma around it.

Michael Kalicharan
Graphic Design @ Therapute

Being the graphic designer at Therapute allows me to follow my passion of helping others while making the world we live in a better place for all. I always say to check on your friends, everyone is going through something.

Darien Watson
Professional Onboarding @ Therapute

Stomping out the stigma surrounding mental health is one of my passions. I strive to make connections and help others tap into their true potential. Working at Therapute allows me to expand my professional experience while extending care to those in need.

Yukta Venugopal  
Professional Onboarding @ Therapute

As someone who has unfortunately lost a loved one to mental illness, working for Therapute ensures that I have a part in aiding others either in my situation or the situation of my loved one.

Valeria Hirsch
Photography @ Therapute

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Joseph Lebida
Cinematography @ Therapute

I am a newly graduated film student working with Therapute because our team has an important mission that I would like to help in accomplishing. Mental health is very important to me as it's something myself and many people in my life have struggled with.

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